Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nonbu Kanji / Rice - Lentil/Veg Porridge

Hey Guys, I am here posting the very first entry - 2012 for the blog hop wednesday. Kudoos to Radhika for keeping it really organized and hats off for her time and hard work that she puts into this event. Bravo Girl ! I am so enjoying and loving that I am a part of this journey.. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

BONJOUR SERIES # 14 - Mix Veggie Pala Pindimiriyam

Hey Guys.. Happy New Year. Hope u guys are blessed with all that you deserve in this new wonderful year.

I will be announcing the winner for Bonjour 2011 in my next post. Stay tuned !!

For this week, we have Sreevalli. One of my very favorite blogger friend. I am personally a huge fan of her blog and adore her for her work. Bravo Girl ! Do visit her space for all her wonderful treats. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hey Guys.. It is the middle of the week and for some reason , this week seems to be going really slow for me.. I am so waiting for the weekend.. simply because, so we could try out couple of restaurants around our area.. which has been shortlisted for a while now. 

Me and My Hubby are super foodies.. We love to try out new cuisines.. and we actually love the process of doing it.. Googling for restaurants, then reading the reviews, checking if its halal.. but luckily most of the restaurants around here are halal so it is like heaven next door. :) Although , Our Dream is to find a place that sells halal burger... and yes, We  have found one that says so.. but hope they don't disappoint us when we go... and oh yes ! it is on the top position for the weekend activity. :) 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey Guys, Today We have Farwin for our guest post. She is a Dear Friend of mine.. We got to know each other through facebook.. It is amazing , how face book is helping all us these days to discover new friends or even to stay in touch with our long lost friends.. :) We talked a lot , even with our very first chat.. She was too sweet to keep talking.. :) Very Nice knowing u Dear ! She has a wonderful blog.. Do visit her space to enjoy her culinary skills.. Now, I present you Farwin - in her own words..

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hey Guys.. It is already late for doing this post.. So, would be jumping into the post directly. 

Today , we have Ansh from Spiceroots. She is a such a sweet heart.. She was very prompt in sending me this post.. Thanks Sweety ! She has a beautiful blog with amazing collection of recipes.. Now with no further delay, I present you Ansh - in her own words. 

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey Everyone.. Hope everyone is doing great. Since, I am running out of time today.. We will be directly diving into the guest post. 

For today's hop , We have Ayeesha from Taste of Peral City.
She is a darling Bhabi of mine. Almost a year ago, one morning I learnt about her blog, and then I was so happy to tell her I own one too.. But then I almost quit blogging at that time.. It was her work that inspired me to come back in full spree.. She shared her success tips.. One of which is to "Interact with other Bloggers". This one little but mighty tip changed my whole perception about blogging.. Thanks to her ! I would consider myself quite successful after the makeover.. :) 

Friday, December 2, 2011


Today, We have Fajeeda from Faji's Hot Pot for the guest post. She is a busy mom and wife. I was so surprised to learn that She also owns a catering business.. Oh yes ! I so wonder how she has all the time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Garlic Pull-Apart Rolls

Hey Guys.. I am here for another exciting week of Blog Hop.. to know more about this event or to see who is hopping with me.. click here..

Its been holidays.. sweets.. parties.. and get togethers for us.. We were invited to our dear friends house for thanksgiving.. and they had prepared a beautiful dinner.. Biriyani, Prawns, Tandoori Chicken.. Carrot Milk Shake... Pumpkin Pie and Gulab Jamun.. ohh.. We were so full of food.. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spinach - Besan Pancakes

Hey Guys.. I am doing an actual recipe post after a while now.. Thanks to this Blog Hop.. I at the least cook for that :) . To check out my friends hopping with me. Click here

For todays hop, I am paired with Madhusmita from It is through this hop that I discovered her space and loved it.. She has a very good collection of north indian recipes.. which is always like a green grass on the other side for me.. Loved the pictures and presentation.. It tempts one to try her dishes.. 

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hope you all are busy planning and preparing for holidays.. and shopping.. only two more weeks to go.. :) At least with me.. I go crazy when I see this "SALE" or "OFF" sign in the shops.. I will not know what to buy or what not to buy.. I keep walking aisle by aisle for no good reason.. and I might also end up not buying anything after hours of shopping.. Mr. A drops me to the mall in the morning and picks me when he returns from work.. You could imagine.. How I spent my day.. :) Ohh .. I love that.. Ah.. Who doesn't love window shopping..  :) Good Luck with shopping this year everyone.. :)